The Original Louisiana Brand Hot Sauce is the delicious result of a generations old recipe using simple
ingredients including carefully selected and handpicked, authentic sun-ripened peppers.

The ORIGINALLouisiana Brand Hot Sauce

The ingredients are simple enough, top quality peppers and tangy vinegar. There’s not much between you and the pepper and that’s a very good thing!

Also available in
these sizes:

Louisiana Brand Hot SauceHabanero

Our Habanero Hot Sauce works well as a marinade or to add a bold flavor to jerk chicken as well as shrimp kabobs and salsas.

Louisiana Brand Hot SauceChipotle

For a deep smoky flavor, try our Chipotle Hot Sauce. It’s great when paired with pork, chicken or vegetables.

Louisiana Brand Hot SauceRed Chili

Our Red Chili Hot Sauce brings out a food’s flavor while adding a peppery punch of its own. Splash it on everything from Mexican food to Italian and seafood to sandwich spreads.

Louisiana Brand Hot SauceRoasted Garlic

If you are a fan of garlic you’ll enjoy the savory goodness of our Roasted Garlic Hot Sauce. Splash it on pizza, pasta and your favorite Italian foods.

Louisiana Brand Hot SauceRoasted Pepper

If you want a bold and spicy sauce you are going to love our Roasted Pepper Hot Sauce. The secret to its success is the perfect balance of heat and flavor.

Louisiana Brand Hot SauceJalapeño

Jalapeño is one of the main flavors of Mexican food, our Jalapeño Hot Sauce makes your favorite Mexican dishes especially delicious. Add it to dips and dishes like guacamole, salsa, tacos and burritos.

Louisiana Brand Hot SauceSweet Heat with Honey

Our Sweet Heat with Honey Hot Sauce proves that your kick can have a sweet side. Use it to add the bold flavor of aged red peppers with a touch of honey to all your favorite foods.

Louisiana Brand Hot SauceHotter Than Hot

When it’s time to crank up the heat, it’s time for our Hotter than Hot Sauce. With the fiery flavor of aged red peppers, including habanero and cayenne, it’s everything you love about Louisiana – only hotter.

The best quality wing sauce starts with premium peppers picked in their prime
and blended under the most carefully controlled conditions.

LouisianaBrand Wing SauceThe Original

The heat that created the national hot wing phenomenon originated in Louisiana. Now we’ve taken it to the next level. Our wing sauce allows you to control the heat to determine how hot and spicy you want your wings.

Our Peppers provide the perfect finishing touch to salads, barbecue, and party food.
Splash some on cooked greens to add some heat to your traditional Southern dishes.

LouisianaBrandJalapeño Peppers

Sprinkle these pickled peppers over salads or on sandwiches. Use the vinegar mixture to kick up salad dressing. Available in Diced Cubes, Sliced Peppers and Whole Peppers.

LouisianaBrandTabasco Peppers and Hot Peppers

Our Tabasco and Hot Peppers make a great addition to soups, sauces, gravies and stews.